Focus Group on Public Engagement with Flood Data

Focus Group on Public Engagement with Flood Data

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 8, 2023, from 7pm – 8pm (held remotely)

We’re looking for adults (18+) who are residents of NYC to help us learn about how people find and use information about flooding in New York City, and what kind of information about urban flooding is most useful to you. From disrupted commutes to flooded homes, we know that flooding is affecting more and more New Yorkers. Your input will help us develop a tool for sharing real-time information about the local impact of flooding in your neighborhood.

To be eligible, you must be an adult resident of NYC.

Participants will be asked to join a series of monthly group sessions of one hour each (1x per month February 2023 – August 2023). Sessions will be held virtually and in person.


Participants will receive one $25 Amazon gift card at the conclusion of each session, for a total of up to $225.

Questions & Registration

To register, or if you have questions about the study, language, accessibility, or your eligibility, contact Hannah Burnett (