Encounter at Farpoint

Encounter at Farpoint

Nancy Nowacek


Encounter at Farpoint is a community workshop to uncover the frustrations, needs, and desires of FloodNet communities in relationship to flooding and other climate events, and most importantly, to imagine futures informed by FloodNet data. To build a language of possibility, workshops will explore the city’s past relationships to water, other cities’ past and current relationships to water, images from sci-fi media as well as current speculative projects about living on and with water. Participants will then engage in a process to imagine new water futures for themselves and their neighborhoods. The name of this project refers to the Star Trek episode of the same name in which a character remains wet after falling into a stream simulated on the Holodeck.

Participants will inscribe their ideas onto to blank future-dated front pages of the New York Times and The Daily News in the forms of headlines, images and/or image captions.

To encourage the widest diversity of participants possible, meals and childcare will be provided at each workshop.

On Flood Data

Encounter at Farpoint is centered on the city’s current and future relationship to flooding. Workshop participants will be shown historic flooding data, current FloodNet data, as well as any obtainable future projections in the workshop’s introduction. This information will frame additional educational information and become the basis of creative collaboration.